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Simple Ways to maintain your iPad and iPhone iOS

Keeping your iPad and iPhone up to date and working properly includes maintaining the operating system.  The operating system (iOS) is an important factor in making sure your device operates properly.  The iOS plays a huge role in how apps and features on your device work.  It allows you to enjoy various features such as listening to music, playing games, watching videos, and so on.  There are a few simple actions users can do to maintain the iOS helping your device to run smoothly.  Here are a few actions you can do to get you started.

Keep iOS Backed Up

Keep your system backed up with iTunes, iCloud or other form of external storage. If you are not familiar with keeping your iOS system backed up, there are many easy to follow tutorials online including articles and videos to help you with this process. Keeping files and data backed up is helpful if you lose your device or it becomes damaged. Also, in regards to your operating system it helps it keep track of information.  There are apps that can help you back up information and you can access such details at any time. This also helps if you accidently delete something that affects how a certain feature on the device works.

Put Apps You Don’t Use Often into a Folder

This can help create more space on your device and encourage the system to run better.  Think about apps you don’t use often or apps you don’t want to remove from your device just yet.  This is a good way of cleaning up your homepage.  Using a folder can help organize apps and keep them out of the way.  Users that take advantage of this idea like the fact they can get to apps they use regularly faster.  They don’t have to navigate through apps they don’t use to get to something they rely on daily. Most devices make it easy to create a folder and you can name it anything you want, while choosing to put the apps you don’t use into it at any time.

Get Rid of Apps You Don’t Use at All

iPad and iPhone devices often come with a ton of apps users don’t have an interest in using. If possible remove apps from the device.  Some may not let you remove it but it has the option to disable it.  This action can then have the app moved to a disabled folder.  This can stop the app from receiving updates and at the least, give your device more storage space.  From here, users look to download apps they want and work to make their device more personal to their interests.  You may be surprised how many apps are included on a device.  Companies may do this to make it convenient for users but a few consumers find it annoying and a little unfair since a good chunk of storage space is already used prior to getting the device.

Keep Your Operating System and Apps Updated

When you receive notifications about updates available for the operating system be sure to download it.  The updates available depend on the type of device used. Apps used on the device should also stay up to date.  Apps communicate with the operating system and both can have issues that can affect how one or the other operates.  Keeping the system updated ensures your device continues to receive updates and helps apps run better. Notifications can be setup to let you know when an update is available.